Zverevo town.
Kolesnikov Boulevard.

The important part of working on a few projects with Zverevo town was creating a working group to study the town and to develop solutions with inhabitants, businesses, and local government together.

The Boulevard project was based on a study of public demand, interest, culture, and identity. Local people are hardworking and cheerful. The town which was based on a coal mine attracted a huge number of people during the middle of the 20th century. The hardworking people created an atmosphere for active sport in the town. Today in Zverevo town exist numerous sports clubs. The local entrepreneurs invest in a new sports activities location. Mine Obukhovskaya is a significant object in the region. In 2019, the town celebrates an anniversary, two centuries since its foundation. The desire to make changes, develop the Strategy, and participate in the competition of small towns and historical settlements led to a number of brave decisions on the development of the town. For example creation of infrastructure for short-term tourism with passive and active recreation. Place for rest for tourists who travel by M4 highway from north to south, where you can eat and relax. Active recreation is focused on event tourism. Kolesnikov Boulevard was chosen as the main public space of the town. Today it is a popular place for citizens, where people spend a lot of time. The general plan of the territory covers the area in front of the recreation center, three intersected streets, a square, and Kolesnikov Boulevard itself. The first quarter is completely pedestrian. It consists of a dense core of urban furniture that shows historical and modern enterprises in color and architectural solutions. The design of the boulevard uses a black element of coal, sand color sends us to the flour mill, blue colors are associated with the ice cream factory. Each of the listed enterprises supported the project, provided the relevant document, and is part of the project financing. The second quarter is designed in a classic style, designed to ensure that residents can enjoy high-quality urban space, but in more relaxed conditions, not such vivid architectural solutions that are used in the first quarter. In the area of ​​the third quarter, there is a boxing club Rusich, in addition to the club, inhabitants were asked to organize a sports ground and a playground for children. Four areas of development are identified: a healthy town, tourism, an innovative economy, and education. The boulevard will become the main walking platform and the center of active and quiet relaxation for the residents of the town and beyond.
Land area: The total design area is 30873 sq.m. or 3.09 ha. The designed territory consists of: Kolesnikov Street – 9988 sq.m .; the area in front of the Cultural club “Mayak” is 4229 sq.m .; courtyard and adjoining spaces – 8992 sq.m .; Kolesnikov Square – 1446 sq.m .; citywide territory (currently unused) – 6210 sq.m.
Technical and economic indicators of the project

Socio-economic effect: The cumulative effect on the socio-economic situation in the town is considered based on four target audiences – local residents, local entrepreneurs, tourists, and external investors. For local residents, the effect of the Kolesnikov Boulevard landscaping project is not measured by accurate indicators of the feeling of the town, the comfort of living, the desire to spend more time in the public space, as a result of increased activity of citizens, the strengthening and emergence of social ties, the effect of reducing social tension, and increasing costs adjacent residential and commercial real estate by 10%, which thereby entails an increase in the well-being of part of the population by increasing capital Property Alization. For city entrepreneurs, the arrangement of the boulevard is support for the development of new proposals directly in the vicinity of the boulevard, thereby increasing the number of jobs at existing enterprises and creating new jobs by opening new business areas. The tourist attraction of the town of Zverevo is at the very beginning of its formation. The implementation of the boulevard and the creation of a comfortable urban environment in the town will serve as the beginning of the creation of a tourist base, which should be supported by a leisure infrastructure, entertainment, and service to the public space. For external investors, the implementation of the project has a direct relationship with the investment climate of the town. Creating a comfortable urban environment is a strong addition to the existing economic preferences related to the status of a single-industry town and special economic zone Zverevo. It is working in conjunction with economic preferences and a comfortable urban environment, as an important part of the quality of life of the population, that becomes the driving factor for decision-making for external business and the creation of new enterprises in the town of Zverevo

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