The city of Zverevo is a dynamically developing city of the Rostov region, attractive to residents not only for its infrastructure, geographical location, proximity to large centers for the training of engineering and managerial personnel (Mines, Novocherkassk, Rostov-on-Don), but, most importantly, for their desire and interest residents themselves in the development of the city, as well as a sufficient number of qualified personnel who are ready to work in enterprises with decent working conditions.
In the future, Zverevo is a modern unique city-park with an innovative economy, a high standard of quality of the urban environment and the standard of living of the population. An innovative center of attraction ZvereWOW / Zverevo Outlet Village will be created here – a symbiosis of the European Outlet Village and the shopping and entertainment complex, which is a town with retail outlets where you can buy branded items with incredible discounts, as well as recreational and sports areas.
– convenient geographical location in southern Russia and southeast of the Rostov region;
– high transport and logistics potential due to the proximity of the Don highway and two railway stations of the North Caucasus Railway;
– statuses of the territory of advanced social and economic development (TASED – special economic zone) and a single-industry town.
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Touristic potential
• Creation of the “Don Ring” agglomeration with the geographical center of the East Donbass growth pole of the Rostov Region in Zverev;
• Creation of a tourism development sector, including the adoption of the experience of the Don School of Hospitality project;
• the potential for the city to be included in the “Dry River” tourist route of the “Volny Don” brand;
• integration into the regional system of voluntary certification “Made on the Don” (project “Tourism business incubator”);
• implementation of a set of projects of entertaining and educational tourism, in the future including the construction of eco-villages and art residences;
• Creation of a tourist and recreational cluster, including the creation of standard models of tourist products “Guest Estate”; construction of at least 3 hotels; organization of fairs and immersion in the culture of the Cossacks; participation in local tourist routes integrated into the Great Silk Road international project, including historical, gastronomic and event tourism routes.
Intraregional tourism
  • short visits;
  • event visits;
  • tourism and weekend shopping.
Transit tourism
  • through traffic of tourists traveling to resorts in the south of Russia;
  • stops at festivals or conferences.
Pole of growth and center of gravity
Zverevo is the industrial growth pole of the Rostov region and the center of attraction of the population of the nearest settlements.
(map, city designation, diverging circles or arrows from cities connecting in the center – in the city of Zverevo)
number of inhabitants / settlement / distance in km to / from Zverevo
93294 Belokalitvinsky district (Belaya Kalitva) 80
42423 Kamensky 53
89657 Kamensk-Shakhtinsk (separate city from the district) 53
64976 Millirovsky district 120
28428 Tarasovsky district 120
35142 Tatsinsky 120
13330 Milyutinsky 170
75896 Krasnosulinsky 36
66332 Gukovo city 19
235492 Shakhty city 45
70514 Oktyabrsky District 56
108782 Novoshakhtinsk city 59
22428 Radiono-Nesvitaevsky District 110
48428 Donetsk (Rostov region) 71
1.125.299 the city of Rostov-on-Don 110
• the possibility of attracting federal funds for the implementation of innovative projects within the framework of the status of the territory of priority social development – the participation of the “Monotown Development Fund” in the form of the provision of funds in the form of a loan from 10 to 1,000 million rubles;
• inclusion of single-industry towns in the state, federal and regional programs as a matter of priority;
• reimbursement of construction costs to investors as part of regional and federal measures to support single-industry towns.
• availability of preferences for residents of TOSED:
– reduction of the income tax rate to 0% during the first 5 years from the receipt of profit against the usual 20%;
-decrease in the rate of insurance contributions to the pension fund of the Russian Federation from 22% to 6%;
– reduction of the rate of insurance contributions to the social insurance fund of the Russian Federation from 2.9% to 1.5%;
– reduction of the rate of insurance premiums to the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund from 5.1% to 0.1%.
– exemption from tax on property of organizations;
– exemption from land tax;
– priority connection to infrastructure facilities; – others.
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