On the other side of the Don Left riveBank.
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“On the other side of the Left Bank” is a sincere and ironic film portrait of modern Rostov-on-Don. 8 young authors view their hometown through a camera lens and gradually change their attitude towards it, rediscovering Rostov.
The heroes of the debut stories were ordinary Rostovites: a graphic designer and a loader from the Nakhichevan market, a butcher who dreamed of being a jazz musician, a firefighter-dancer, a guy restoring the history of a constructivist key house, a Rostov beauty ready to make sacrifices for happiness and others.
The young crew was watched by the film crew and it turned out a matryoshka film, where residents make stories about the city, and director Yevgeny Grigoryev shoots the birth of the film, in which there are creative searches and compromises, and moments of despair.

AUTHORS OF NOVELL: Olga Bondareva, Georgy Obukhov, Maria Korenkova, Maria Ryazantseva, Alena Savelyeva, Nadezhda Khatskevich, Alena Popushenko, Dmitry Tsupko

Director: Evgeny Grigoriev
Script writers: Maria Zelinskaya, Evgeny Grigoryev
operator: Artem Anisimov
producer: Anna Selyanina
editing director: Konstantin Larionov
sound engineer: Yuri Grishin
Sociologist: Dmitry Soloviev

The web site of the movie project http://kino-karta.ru/kinoprorostov/
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